Seven Refractories d.o.o.

Seven Refractories plantSeven Refractories has started its activity in 2010: it is a new but experienced player, focused in monolithic refractory supply.

A brand new plant (january 2011) provides a large product range of monolithics supply to satisfy the most typical and demanding Customer applications in the iron, steel and thermal industry.

Over 30 years of R&D management experience within the world’s leading players, ensures Seven Refractories the appropriate knowledge in order to develop and further optimise the most advanced and reliable solution for our Customers needs.


Seven Refractories in Cement Industry:

Seven cast 95

Seven refractories offers solutions for the complete modern cement plant : burner lance, prehater, calciner, grate cooler, kiln hood, nose ring, riser duct, smoke chamber, tertiary air duct.

Seven offers a wide product range with strategic stock of monolithic and insulating castables for customer’s need. An experienced team providing the most suitable technical solutions and engineering.

Complementary products: steel and ceramic anchors, bio-soluble and ceramic fibers, insulating bricks well available.


Seven Refractories in Iron Industry:

Seven Taphole claySeven Refractories offers a complete range of engineering, installation, monolithic and precasted shaped products suitable for any blast furnace repair. For all most demanding refractory linings Seven has reliable and performing high aluminia silicon carbide/carbon castables and gunning, ramming and shotcrete mixes.

The taphole clays ensure stable furnace operation and hearth walls protection. Seven Taphole clays are eco-friendly resin bonded based on high alumina raw materials.


Seven Refractories in Steel Industry:

Seven has for Tundish and Ladle complete solutions: safety and working lining, ladle bottom with high alumina and spinel containing or spinell forming castables.

Low, ultra-low and no-cement high compact mixes ensure fast and suitable linings to reduce the costs and extend the service life.

Seven Refractories in reheat furnaces

Refractory solutions and engineering for several type of furnaces: pusher type, walking beam and walking hearth, rotary hearth, boogie, tunnel and annealing reheat furnaces.

Plastic and gunning mixes, regular and low cement castable, shotcrete and precasted pieces are products developed with the target to implement the life performance and reduce the energy cost.




Seven Refractories d.o.o.

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