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Kremen Group consist of companies:

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Today, we in the Kremen Group extract, screen and enrich quartz raw materials (quartz sands & gravels, quartzite/chert), primarily for glassworks, forgeries and metallurgic industry, construction works, chemical & ceramics industry, production of ceramics frits, industry of refractory silicate bricks and industry of water glass and zeolites.

Our activities are carried out in collaboration with strategic partners, firms PD Refractories CZ and EKW GmbH, which have a particularly long tradition (160 and 110 years).

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In addition to the programme for quartz raw materials we also produce wet and dry acid refractory masses, made of our raw materials, which are used to wall-in the cupola and industry furnaces for cast gray iron and nodular cast iron, and to wall in the casting pots and pans in foundries and ironworks.

As addition to the wet and dry acid refractory masses we also produce a range of special refractory masses. Above all we are proud on our EKA Focor LPN product which is used in foundries for surfacing the casting pans and it has the extraordinary properties which can ensure high savings in the foundry’s time and energy. We also market castables and the various special refractory materials, which are produced by our strategic partner, EKW GmbH, and certain equipment for the building-in of refractory materials.

The buyers are interested in purchasing our products as they are in compliance with their requirements, needs, wishes and expectations and with the domestic and international standards. Together with the sales of our products we offer and provide the technical consultations to our existing and potential clients, advising them how to use the products to reach the best possible results.

Kremen qualityISO 9001 and environmental standard ISO 14001.


We are carrying out the activities advocate for human and other living beings pleasant environment. We strive for environmentally friendly mining to minimize environmental impact (dustiness, noise, appearance of nature) and as quickly as possible repair abandoned mining area.


Slovenia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Germany, Turkey, Finland, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Bulgaria, Italy, Hungary, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.



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